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  • Appetizers

  • Beer

  • Beverage

  • Coffee Drinks

  • Combination Platters

  • Desserts

  • Mixed Rice Dishes

  • On the Side

  • Persian Kabobs

  • Persian Stews

  • Soup and Salads

  • Specialty Cocktails

  • Wine by the Glass

  • Red

  • Sparkling

  • White


  • Torshi


    A mixture of marinated herbs and vegetables, carefully aged in vinegar and spices
  • Dolmeh


    fresh herbs, onion and rice seasoned wrapped in grape leaves
  • Khiar Shoor


    Home made pickled baby persian cucumbers
  • Tah Dig


    crispy rice topped with your choice of one or more stews
  • Sabzi


    Organic home grown fresh herbs from Los Altos Hills, red radish, walnuts and feta
  • Mast-o-moosir


    Our rich and creamy yogurt mixed with dried garlic and black pepper.
  • Kashk-e-Bademjan


    Pureed eggplant and garlic, topped with sauteed mint and kashk
  • Mast-o-Khiar


    Yogurt mixed with dried mint and pepper, topped with diced cucumbers
  • Mirza Ghasemi


    grilled eggplant, tomatoes, eggs and garlic sauteed in olive oil
  • Kookoo sabzi


    chopped herbs, green onion and eggs, sauteed in olive oil
  • Mast


    Our home made creamy yogurt, rich and delicious.


Combination Platters


  • Faloodeh


    Rice noodles, shaved ice and rose water.
  • Cream puff


    Cream puff shells filled with vanilla custard.
  • Tiramisu


    layers of lady fingers cake are soaked in coffee and topped with mascarpone and sweet marsala
  • Baghlava


    Layers of phyllo dough filled with walnut, pistachios.
  • Zoolbia Bamieh


    Fried Persian pastry soaked in a syrup.
  • Khorma


    Top quality dates.
  • Bastani Nooni


    Pistachios and saffron ice cream sandwich.
  • Makhlout


    A combination of Bastani and Faloodeh.
  • Bastani


    Pistachios and saffron ice cream.
  • Napoleon


    Buttery puff pastry filled with diplomat cream.
  • Roulette


    Thin vanilla cake and vanilla cream rolled into a log.

Mixed Rice Dishes

  • Shirin polo


    Sweet pistachio, almond, and orange peal rice with chicken thighs.
  • Sabzi polo


    Dill and parsley rice with fresh fish of the day (fried)
  • Baghali polo


    Dill and fava bean rice with pot roast lamb shank.
  • Zereshk polo


    Barberry rice with roasted chicken thighs

Persian Kabobs

  • Shishlik


    Lamp chops, marinated in chef’s secret sauce.
  • Barreh


    Lamb fillet, marinated and seasoned.
  • Giahi


    fresh vegetables
  • Meygoo


    Fresh jumbo shrimps, seasoned to perfection.
  • Mahi


    Fillet of salmon, marinated in saffron, lemon juice, and olive oil.
  • Chenjeh


    Beef fillet, marinated in yogurt and saffron
  • Shish kabob


    Top sirloin of beef, bell pepper, and onion
  • Koobideh Mix


    Combination of ground beef, and ground chicken kabob.
  • Soltani


    A combination of barg (filet mignon) and koobideh (ground beef)
  • Barg


    Filet mignon, lightly marinated and deliciously tender.
  • Koobideh


    Two of the seasoned ground beef kabobs
  • Sineh


    pieces of all natural boneless chicken breast
  • Joojeh-bu-ostokhan


    Cornish game hen, marinated
  • Joojeh


    Chunks of boneless, marinated chicken thighs
  • Koobideh Morgh


    Ground chicken kabob

Persian Stews

  • Fesenjan


    Roasted chicken thighs, ground walnuts, and pomegranate sauce.
  • Ghormeh sabzi


    Stewed beef, kidney beans, sauteed herbs, and spinach.
  • Gheymeh bademjan


    lean beef, chana dal beans, tomatoes sauce and egg plant.
  • Gheymeh


    Tender lean beef, chana dal beans, tomatoes sauce and potato sticks.

Soup and Salads

  • Aush Reshteh


    A soup made of fresh organic herbs, beans, beets, and noodles topped with Kashk, and sauteed
  • Greek Salad


    Calamata olives, feta, bell peppers, and onions added to green salad.
  • Narges Salad


    Romaine hearts, cucumbers, tomatoes, walnuts, dates, croutons, and feta
  • Green Salad


    Romaine hearts, tomatoes, and English cucumbers (Ranch or Italian)
  • Salad Shirazi


    Diced Tomatoes, English Cucumbers, Onions, and dried mint.
  • Adasi


    Chef’s persian style “lentil soup” made with vegetable stock.

Specialty Cocktails

  • Red Lotus Cosmo


    Lotus Vodka, Pomegranate juice, Citronage Liqueur , Lime and cranberry juice, served up.
  • Passion Fruit Bellini


    Passion fruit Liqueur, Enrico Prosecco, Fresh berries, Served up.
  • Shalizar sidecar


    Camus VS Cognac, Citronage Liqueur, orange and lemon juice, orange twist, served up.
  • Cadillac Margarita


    Sauza plata Hornitos Tequila, Citronage Liqueur, Dekuyper Triple sec, Sweet and sour, Lime
  • Limoncello Raspberry Drop


    Effen Raspberry Vodka, Caravella limoncello Liqueur, sweet and sour mix, sugar rim, served up.
  • Moonlight Mojito


    Cruzan Citrus Rum, muddled fresh mint, hand squeezed lime, sugar, club soda, served over ice.
  • Blue Moon Martini


    Distillery 209 Gin, Dekuyper Blue Curacao Liqueur, lemon twist, served up.