Shalizaar has an absolutely gorgeous banquet hall with a capacity of 180 people. It is a tall structure with a high ceiling and an awe-inspiring interior decoration that will make your guests feel special and invited. Everything from the decoration, seating, air conditioning and lighting to the service and the food, is of the highest order. There is plenty of parking and the hygiene standards are the best.

Social Events

The banquet hall is dividable into two sections, each with a separate entrance. We understand that members of the guest groups often need some privacy, and sometimes, you have a closer, smaller group and don’t need the entire area. That is exactly why we decided to give you a dividable feature. If you wish to use just half of the banquet hall, you can also save money when booking with Shalizaar.

You need to have a minimum of 30 people to book the half section of the banquet and a minimum of 70 for the entire area. Packages start as low as $65, and we are happy to work with you for any specific needs. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will be happy to design a custom package for you. All you need to tell us is the number of invitees and the kind of hospitality you expect. We value our guests immensely and are open to your needs and requirements. Just contact us today to organize your dream banquet.